Friday, July 29, 2011

Lovers and their Lies

If I could look into your eyes and not see the lies,
Perhaps I am in love.

You said that thrice,
Three little words that to lovers mean the world,
And the third time I knew it better than a murmur of prayers,
They were there in your eyes,
I could read those and not the lies.

Liars lie with their eyes,
Lovers love with their heart,
What is so new about it all?
Love and deception are the best of friends,
Love remains while the lover cheats,
In the end in hell we shall meet?

I wear my breasts and my bones,
Like it was the best apparel I chose,
If there was another form I could be,
Would I sing a song as an ant looking into another ant’s eyes?

Only a woman could see lies in her lover's eyes
And believe them until love flies.

Imagination can be absurd, not that the world is not

When instead of buttons you find holes,
Instead of socks its gloves,
The paper writes on the pen,
The moon shines at daytime and the sun at night,
Is that a mad man’s world or mine own?

When laughter seems like a scream,
A wrinkle a sign of growing younger,
Would babies look like grandfathers?
And grandmothers like toddlers?
What if aging meant growing younger?
How then is old age a second childhood?
Are these a mad man’s thoughts or mine own?

When logic fails to reason,
Imagination knows no reason,
Nor no season,
It spurts like a tree with its leaves in the ground,
Branches as roots and rootlets as leaves
How then would the world be?

How then would the world be if tigers mowed on grass,
And cows ate humans?
Chicken shat on us and for dinner we were on their plate?

What if gorillas were writing poems,
Orangutans chirping like birds,
The belly dancer was the fox,
The elephant the mistress of the ant?
How then would the world be?

Are these a mad woman’s thoughts or mine own?


and all these days that pass with the sun half down when am half up, the gentle afternoon breeze that shakes willow tress, the murmur of the bees and the wilting dance of petals in the rain, the sky an azure blue, the clouds shining in the rain, rainbows play hide and seek, a romantic sighs at the passing beauty.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Soliloquy of the Wind

tonight the wind sang me a soliloquy,

the pigeons and sparrows hushed and listened,

the fire flies danced till they burnt themselves to death,

the clouds moved impatiently to hear them from near,

the wind sang endlessly till the song was a summer's chance,

only the ears that could listen heard the glorious night dancing to the beat of time.


It’s a dark night,
The moon decided not to shine tonight.
Rain drops hit the tin sheets above my head with a drumming sound,
Drop by drop it tells the stories of the rain,
the moment is the rain
and at this moment it is raining.

Pouring thoughts like droplets in a sea,
Where if all our memories were ours to be,
Strings of knots and thoughts,
where I could think what you think,
and you think me,
if I could be you and you could I,
if I could be we,
then do you see the three?
you me sea and the tree
Turtles still climb the tree.
Do you see the fresh happy knots hanging on many dew drops of rain on a moonless Himalayan night?

It’s a rainfall of thoughts, lots and lots.
And I hear the last drop of the drum, it has stopped raining.

But the moon is still waning
It is yawning quietly curled in the corner of the night.