Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Flower's Fall

one by one the petals fall,
the flower is dead
and so is the bee,
the honey remains deep in the sea,
suckle them
those memories.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

To The Tobacco Act Victims in Jail

When all with sight are blind,
Only the blind can see,
When dumb people talk,
Those who can- cut their tongues,
Stitch their hearts and burn nine lives,
The fire blazes silently,
The chimney cries with white swirls of smoke,
Burnt are those lives,
To amber and ash,
A phoenix would rise,
But dead men don't walk.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oxford Graduation

MSc. Biodiversity Conservation and Management. My lucky stars :))

Monday, October 10, 2011

London be Good to Me

Dearest London,

It is good to be back and you look like you have been doing well. But you are a very expensive city. The most expensive I believe and only the first few days here are always glorious. Going to Tate Modern, soaking myself in art and watching artists pass by, people, they all look so beautiful here, one more than the other. Outwardly yes, inside? Don't really know, a bit on the not very emotional side usually, emotion is not elegance? Display the British way- minimalism.

Alright, now I need a job. I can work for food and I even have a fancy degree from Oxford. I am so employable!

London, please find me a job and I want to live like a Londoner. London be good to me, I have high hopes from you. My story of struggle to get here, will enchant you and this is the story of the first Bhutanese woman to Oxford, it has to be something that will baffle you. I am history- I made myself as one I suppose.

Maybe I should write a book someday.

Okay London, just to reiterate, a JOB yes? I look nice in a suit- really.

Thank you,

Much Love,


My Self

Tonight I set myself free,
from the little circles stuck in my head,
that take me back and forth to the dungeons of memories,
sprinkled with seeds of yesteryears,
smelling of ripened today,
and blue
and gray
and pink
and they all look the same,
I am blind for I see only black,
and white when the sun shines a bit too bright into my eyes,
I rub them off with a colourful smile : ).
Tonight I set myself free

Much Remembered

Much forgotten
Much remembered
Sickly fingers and
Butter coast hands
Much forgotten
Much remembered
Ginger hands
and Garlic Toes
Much forgotten
Much remembered
You are mine and
I am yours
Much forgotten
Much remembered
Let's hold hands and
finger nails,
You are mine,
and I am forever yours.