Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Song by the Fireplace

When you are lost, hopeless and homeless,
The earth is shelter and night sky your food.

When tears fall down your cheeks,
And no one remembers that you exist,
You seek guidance in belief and lay down your thoughts
On little pebbles that get washed in the rain
Hoping feeling fearing that all will be well.

When the sun smiles tomorrow
Praying trembling crying you hope
That tears will dry and smiles will return.

When you are lost, hopeless and homeless,
You remember the mansion your parents built,
The warm heaters and colourful blankets,
The fire place that burnt with big logs of life and laughter,
And then you know that you never wanted no home, no love, no place,
That it was your choice to wonder forth into the world.
And yours alone.

To seek what?
To experience what?
To meet who?
To live where?

Good stories are never written in books,
They are first lived.

From tears of fountain,
And years of pain,
A book I will write someday in disdain,
By the fireplace I will read,
My own life as it unfurled,
Warm and cozy near the ambers of yesteryears,
As tears roll down my wrinkled lips,
I will remember all the tears that kissed my lips,
When I was once lost, hopeless and homeless.

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