Thursday, September 3, 2009

Contemplation-~~~ Going Back On The Road~~~~

I have waited 23 years 53 days for this day. I am finally done with formal "education," for a lifetime! I cannot express how light it feels and suddenly you realise why were you studying for so long, thats a big chunk of you life lost! And then there is another thought that pops in, will all that time spent sitting in classrooms help better the rest of your life and maybe of others too?
Education an answer to ignorance paradoxically becomes the element that makes you ask questions. I went to school when I was two years nine months old. I am one of those strange people who have memories since I was three. I have a brother, he is a year older than me,he was sent to school much earlier than me and he was not particularly fond of it but I believe I used to cry to go to school and I was too young and they wouldn't admit me. So I went for this trial session where I proved that I was an enthusiastic kid and could sit with people much older and learn. I should have just chilled out, but well I have always been in a hurry to live, like I know I won't last too long so I hurry the pace of life. So that was the begining, of the story og waiting for ringing bells.
Okay to get to the point, I just finished handing in my thesis for my Masters, if I pass I get a fancy degree (MSc Biodiversity Conservation and Management). Well it isn't too difficult to undesrtand this, basically I trip on the rest of the inhabitants of earth including humans.

The good news is I am going to be back on the road, with no particular destination, taking life as it comes. Carpe diem. I need to sort few things before I pick up my rucksack, and then I head to Scot(ch)Land. I first plan to go to Edinburgh, meet some Bhutanese friends, and sometime before I come back, I need to go to this little town my friends in class told me about.
This is what she wrote :

"it's a small town called Braemar, which is about two hours by bus to the west of Aberdeen, right in the Cairngorm mountains. The hostel is called 'rucksacks', and they have beds in their alpine hut from 7 pounds. The hostel is run by a lovely woman."

So this is the destination after Edinburgh Castles and whiskey breweries. I am quite excited about these mountains up north. When I travel I have the least planned plan in my mind. I know a name here and a way there but I never google anything, if its something I had heard from a friend I would remember, I have a good memory, so in some ways I am unconsciously always planning and yet I am not, really. I actually don't even know how to get to Scotland, as in which bus to take. People tell me to Google, but I always find it nice to have an excuse to talk to people when I get to the station, I can always ask someone. I don't really know why I am writing all this, I don't have a phone so when I am travelling no one knows where I am. My parents get worried but by now they are more used to it. I just need a break, a well deserved one. I need to just go. So the plan of this blog is, I shall update it as and when I can from the road. Its just a diary, I never really maintained one. I would love the fresh diary I would get on new years and a month later it would become my rough book. This is my attempt to capture life on the road, do not be critical. No criticism entertianed :). I always think I am the God of my Blog :)

I was going through my suitcase and I found "On the Road," so am not travelling alone, I will always have people's thoughts with me through books and music and the people I will bump into on the road..

Life is good. I am loving it. :)

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