Friday, July 29, 2011

Lovers and their Lies

If I could look into your eyes and not see the lies,
Perhaps I am in love.

You said that thrice,
Three little words that to lovers mean the world,
And the third time I knew it better than a murmur of prayers,
They were there in your eyes,
I could read those and not the lies.

Liars lie with their eyes,
Lovers love with their heart,
What is so new about it all?
Love and deception are the best of friends,
Love remains while the lover cheats,
In the end in hell we shall meet?

I wear my breasts and my bones,
Like it was the best apparel I chose,
If there was another form I could be,
Would I sing a song as an ant looking into another ant’s eyes?

Only a woman could see lies in her lover's eyes
And believe them until love flies.


  1. What a wonderful first line, it says it all!

    Is this a new blog of yours, what happen to your Manjushree?